“El Eco del Pasada - Echo from the Past” 2014 -

Made for Tufi'Arte 2014 in Tufia, Gran Canaria, an international symposium of 14 projects organised by AiNIN - Art in Nature International Network. The whole village helped with all the projects during the week as well as hosting the artists.

The painting, 28m x 18m, of white lime with black and pink pigment, represents the conch or caracola horn that was blown by the Guanche - the original people of Gran Canaria before battle. It is under the flight path - visible from the planes.

  • Conch shell and drawings

  • El Eco del Pasada from the air - Photo: Javier Suarez

  • El Eco del Pasada 2014

  • El Eco del Pasada - with village - Photo: Javier Suarez

"Enjoy, View and Use" 2004 -

100m x 70m x 10m

Two amphitheatre forms divided by a ridge for play, performance and events, within the park in the new development, The Hamptons, at Worcester Park, Surrey.
Commissioned by the St James Group Ltd.

  • Photo by: Michael Leonard

  • Photo by: Michael Leonard

  • Photo by: Michael Leonard

  • Photo: David Rymill

  • Google Earth, 2010

  • Google Earth, 2010

"The Chain and the Wheel" 1994-2003 -

600m x 70m x 15m

Spoil with grass, wildflowers, trees, shrubs, paths and designed wooden seating still to be completed. Adjacent to the final link of the Avon Ring Road, Bristol.

  • View from top of "Chains"

  • View of "Chains" from Avon Ring Road. Feb. 2003.

  • South Gloucester Council/Thyssen Construction

  • South Gloucester Council/Thyssen Construction, Google Earth, 2010

  • Google Earth, 2010

  • Google Earth, 2010

  • The Wheel

  • Google Earth, 2020

"Earthwork Olympus" 1996-99 -

200m x 100m x 20m

Earth, grass, gravel, designed wooden benches, tree.
Cribbs Causeway Shopping Centre, Bristol
J T Baylis and Co Ltd

  • Google Earth, 2010

  • Google Earth, 2010

  • Google Earth, 2020

"Meet, Sit and Talk" 1995 -

125m x 100m x 3m

Sandstone, polished granite, gravel, grass, cement

Planting Scheme by Allan R Ruff

The Chancellors Court, University of Leeds

The "Roof Garden" was designed in collaboration with John Micklethwaite-Howe of BHWB, Leeds.

The sculpture projects in The Chancellor's Court received two commendations for Landscape from Leeds City Council's Architecture 2000 awards.

"Conversation" 1999 -

2m x 2m x 2m

Linking "Meet, Sit and Talk" in Chancellors Court with final stage of re-design

"Stay, Live and Sit" 1993 -

Original site in front of Monash Art Gallery and Museum

Dacite boulders and polished granite.

35m x 25m x 1m.

Commissioned by Monash University Gallery for the Fifth Australian Sculpture Triennial, Melbourne.
permanently sited at Monash University, Clayton, Melbourne.

Site since 2013 in Briggs Hall Garden, Clayton Campus